Colors on Parade is the original body shop on wheels.
We can repair most minor, non-collision paint damage and restore your vehicle
appearance to like new - for a fraction of the price a body shop charges.  Best of all, we
do repair it in hours - not days or weeks!  While we can't do everything (moderate to
major collision damage), what we can do, we are experts.

So long as the bumper does not have major damage (such as falling off, severely dented
/ bent out of shape, or missing pieces) we can usually fix it.  We perform the minor repairs
and then repaint and clearcoat to restore the bumper to like new condition.  We do it all at
a price far less than the average body shop.  We computer match your vehicles paint
code to produce a paint match that is among the best in the industry.

Many times when a scratch does not break the surface of the paint, we can completely
remove the scratch without the need to repaint.  Our process involves lightly sanding into
only the clearcoat and then, using unique products designed heat blend and/or
chemically blend the clearcoat, we buff the area restoring it to its original appearance.  
While this process only works when the scratch is not too deep, the same process and
then touch up blending the paint can many times greatly improve even deeper scratches.  
If the scratch turns out to be too deep, then repair and repainting will be required.

Plastic painted pieces on a vehicle can become dull and faded faster than paint on metal.  
When this happens, we can repair and repaint the affected areas to restore to like new.

We can frequently perform minor repairs and then repaint and clearcoat vehicle panels
including Doors, Fenders and sometimes Trunk, Hood, and Roof.  We will usually need to
see the damage to determine if it is a repair we can do.  If it is, the price will be much less
than the average body shop

aint Touch Up is the process of adding paint to a small chip or scrape.  Touch Up
normally works best for chips and scrapes no larger than about 1/4" diameter. While the
process does not repair damage or dents, it does help protect original factory finish from
rusting and spreading and will greatly improve appearance.  Depending on the extent of
damage, Touch Up may be completely undetectable or may be detectable up close and
then much less noticeable from a few feet away.  Although Touch Up paint is not a perfect
repair, it is usually the best repair for small, minor damage as the alternative is generally
repainting the entire panel.

We don't repair damage that is caused by moderate or significant collision.  We don't
remove or replace parts.  And, in Riverside County, we do not perform paintless dent
removal - we never got into it.  However, what we can do, we do really well!  Give us a call
and we'll tell you if we can repair your damage.  And if we can't, many times we can refer a
company or at least set you off in the right direction.

Serving all of Riverside County, California.  Including Riverside, Corona, Norco, Hemet,
Temecula, Lake Elsinore, Moreno Valley, Palm springs, Indio and surrounding cities.
~  Bumper Repair
~ ClearCoat Scratch Removal
~ Mirrors / Molding / Plastic Painted Parts
~ Panel Repair
~ Paint Touch Up
~ We Can't Do Everything
Colors on Parade
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