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Paint Touch Up Service Plan & Nano Clear Door Edge Guard
We'll Help
Keep Your Car
Looking Like New
ChipGuard Nano Door Edge Guard
to help keep your vehicle looking new
to get more information and purchase
Nanotechnology Clear Door Edge Guard
and we'll include our Paint Touch Up Service at no additional cost
If you already have ChipGuard and need to schedule an appointment
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Schedule My
Colors on Parade professionally applies Nano
Clear Door Edge Guard using a proprietary,
patent pending application process.  Using our
process, we can provide a clean and uniform
appearance with no finger prints or uneven
edges that looks great and lasts a lifetime
Super strong, non-yellowing / non-fading, clear
nanotechnology material will last a lifetime.  It will also
help absorb energy to lessen any impact to the door
edge, potentially eliminating or greatly reducing damage
from minor contact.  Clear Door Edge Guard will not
fade, discolor or peel for as long as you own the vehicle.