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ChipGuard Paint Touch Up Service
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Riverside County Regional Office
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New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July,
Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day + Friday after,
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
ChipGuard services are available on the days/cities/timeframes listed below
Available Days,
Cities, and Time
Ranges for next
week >>>>>>>
Norco/Corona 7am - 11am
Riverside 12pm - 4pm
Moreno Valley 1pm - 5pm
Hemet 7am - 1pm
Lake Elsinore 8am - 12pm
Temecula 10am - 3pm
Lake Elsinore 7am - 1pm
Temecula 7am - 1pm
Norco/Corona 10am - 3pm
Riverside 7am - 11am
Moreno Valley 7am - 11am
Hemet  9am - 1pm
All above days, times, and city locations subject to change at any time.
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Note: Appointments are scheduled ONE WEEK in advance.  Schedule an appointment by
Sunday 2pm for ChipGuard service the following week

Scheduled appointment time and location will be confirmed by email on or
before Monday of each week.
(unless Monday is a holiday - then by Tuesday morning)
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Appointments are available on the day of the week, during the time range, and in the city as indicated on the drop down list above.  
The specific location within each city will be at or near a dealership (normally within the auto center in that particular city).  The
actual dealership or location within each city may change from day to day or week to week.  Once you select a day and time
frame, you will be notified of the specific dealership / location for that day and time.  Appointment times will be scheduled in 15
minute increments.  For example; If you select the time range 7am - 11am, the appointment will be scheduled at either 7:00am,
7:15am, 7:30am, 7:45am, 8:00am, 8:15am, 8:30am, 8:45am, 9:00am, 9:15am, 9:30am, 9:45am, 10:00am, 10:15am, 10:30am,
10:45am, 11:00am.  Every Sunday afternoon, we go through all of the requested appointments and schedule them in a manner
which will allow for not only fast service, but also fit into our other work load throughout the day.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee a
specific requested time - only that the scheduled time will be within the listed time range.  Please be available for any appointment
time assigned within the listed time frame.  Occasionally, an appointment time may become unavailable because several people
request the same time frame within a short period.  If the day, date, and/or time range you select is no longer available, we will
schedule the closest available time to the range you select (availability permitting).  If we schedule a time which is not convenient
for you, please cancel the appointment and then submit a new request for an appointment.

The cut off time to request an appointment for the following week is Sunday 2pm.
We will confirm appointment time and place on or before Monday afternoon
(unless Monday is a holiday in which case by Tuesday morning).  
ChipGuard Appointments are scheduled ONE WEEK in advance
and we do it this way to be able to provide prompt and efficient service
We'll get you in and out fast!
Here's How ChipGuard Appointments Work...
We make available specific time frames and days of week to exclusively perform ChipGuard service
We also perform the
ChipGuard service in various cities within Riverside County
Scroll down and provide the requested information and then decide which available day, city, time frame
for next week works best for you.  Appointments are not available for the same week - only for the next week.
Therefore, Any Appointment request received Monday thru Sunday 2pm will be scheduled for the next week.
Scroll to the bottom for more information about ChipGuard scheduling