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Clear Nano
Door Edge Guard
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Clear Nano Door Edge Guard
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Clear Nano Door Edge Guard
Professionally installed by
Colors on Parade
on up to four (4) door edged
of any passenger
car, truck or suv
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What is Nano Door Edge Guard?

Nano Door Edge Guard is a clear, strong and durable nanotechnology film protectant designed to be applied to vehicle door edges.  Colors on Parade
professionally applies Nano Clear Door Edge Guard using a proprietary, patent pending application process.  Using our process, we can provide a clean and
uniform appearance with no finger prints or uneven edges that looks great and lasts a lifetime. Nano Clear Door Edge Guard will not only help protect the door
edges of a new vehicle but will also help protect / reduce paint damage if a door is accidentally opened into another object.  The super strong, non-yellowing /
non-fading, clear nanotechnology material will last a lifetime.  It will also help absorb energy to lessen any impact to the door edge, potentially eliminating or
greatly reducing possible damage from minor contact.  
Door Edge Guard will not fade, discolor or peel for as long as you own the vehicle.

What is Paint Touch Up?

Paint touch up is the process of adding paint to a small chip or scrape. The touch up service is only for chips or scrapes no larger than 1/4” diameter.  While the
process does not repair damage or dents, it does help to protect from spreading and rusting and will greatly improve appearance.  Depending on the extend of
damage, touch up may be completely undetectable or may be detectable up close and then much less  noticeable from a few feet away. We use the vehicle
paint code and computer formulation to color match the paint.  Although touch up paint is not a perfect repair, it is normally the best repair for small, minor
damage as the alternative is generally repainting the entire panel.

Initial Touch Up Service

For a limited time, an initial Paint Touch Up Service, as well as a ChipGuard 1 Year Promotional Paint Touch Up Service plan is provided with the purchase of
Nano Door Edge Guard installed on up to 4 door edges.  The initial paint touch up service is performed at the time of the Nano Door Edge Guard Installation
only.  We will go around the vehicle and touch up all small chips and scrapes we notice.  The initial touch up service is limited to 1 hours time or a maximum of
100 chips/scrapes not exceeding 1/4” diameter (whichever comes first).  The service applies only to original factory paint on the exterior of vehicle.  For chips or
scrapes larger than 1/4” diameter (or for any other type of damage), additional paint restoration services may be available/offered at an additional charge.

Terms and Conditions - 1 Year Promotional Paint Touch Up Service Plan

ChipGuard Paint Touch Up Service is provided by Colors on Parade within the Riverside County of California only.  All service is to be performed
at an established Colors on Parade Mobile location and is available by appointment only.  Paint Touch Up Service is limited to small chips
and scrapes not caused by a collision or accident.  Areas to be touched up may not exceed approximately 1/4” diameter.
Service applies only to exterior areas with original factory paint. After-market painted areas and previously repainted areas are not covered.
Although Paint Touch Up Service is unlimited, only up to twenty (20) areas (chips/scrapes) may be touched up during any one appointment.
If more than 20 chips or scrapes, additional appointment(s) or additional charges may apply.  After the initial touch up service detailed above, there is no charge
for each additional Paint Touch Up Service during the 1st 90 days.  There is a co-pay charge of $29.95 for each Paint Touch Up Service Appointment between
the 91st day and end of 1st year.  The 1 Year promotional  term starts on the date of qualifying purchase .  Paint Touch Up Service is only valid for the vehicle
listed on provided plan card and is subject to verification and participation.  Additional Colors on Parade services
are available at a 20% discount for the entire 1 year term.  The plan card must be presented at time of estimate to receive discount.
No other coupon or discount may be applied to this program. Colors on Parade is solely responsible for the performance of program.

Terms & Conditions

Colors on Parade will install Nano Door Edge Guard on up to four (4) door edges of the vehicle listed above.  The nano door edge guard is applied
at about door handle level and then extends all the way down to near the bottom edge of door.  Up to a maximum of 36 linear inches of door guard material per
door. The installation will be performed by a fully trained Colors on Parade technician at any Colors on Parade mobile location
within Riverside County, CA.
To schedule an appointment, visit and then click on ChipGuard.  Appointments are usually available throughout
Riverside County most days Monday - Friday early morning and/or early afternoon.  Appointments are scheduled in a manner so as to provide fast
service / installation - usually within about an hour.  As such, you agree that failure to show up for a scheduled appointment may result in an additional charge
as we provide resources specifically for you at the scheduled appointment time. Installation of Nano Door Edge Guard and included
initial Paint Touch Up Service must occur within 6 months of purchase date.

Lifetime Warranty...
Colors on Parade provides a lifetime warranty for Nano Door Edge Guard against fading, yellowing, and peeling
for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle.  The warranty specifically excludes collision damage
(or damage of any kind) and conditions resulting from vandalism, misuse, and/or abuse.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Purchaser may cancel the purchase of Chipguard Nano Door Edge Guard and request a refund of full purchase price less 15% at anytime prior to installation or
within 15 days of purchase, whichever occurs first.  After installation or after 15 days, the purchase cannot be cancelled.  Although the purchase cannot be
cancelled after the 15 day period, the vehicle on which the Chipguard Nano Door Edge Guard is to be applied/installed may be changed prior to installation of
product.  Installation of Nano Door Edge Guard and included initial Paint Touch Up Service must occur within 6 months of purchase date.

Cancellation / Refund Policy applies only to ChipGuard Nano Door Edge Guard purchased directly from Riverside Colors, Inc. dba Colors on Parade.  Please
refer to  Dealership or other authorized retailer’s return / cancellation policy (if any) for products not purchased directly from
Riverside Colors, Inc. dba Colors on Parade
We'll Help Keep Your Car Looking Like New!
Professionally installed by Colors on Parade
on up to four (4) door edges
(Product and installation available within Riverside County, California only)
Limited Time
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Touch Up Service
Plus 1 Year
Touch Up Service Plan
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ChipGuard Clear Nano Door Edge Guard
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